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MarPeak Digital, a Peak Pressure Indicator
MarPeak Digital, a Peak Pressure Indicator, featuring a digital display and a venting screw
MarPeak Digital will be delivered in a wooden box for storage, protection and safe transport
MarPeak Digital in Wooden Box
Knob to loosen device
The Knob, which will be included in the wooden box, serves you to loosen the device

MarPeak Digital – A Peak Pressure Indicator

MarPeak Digital is a Peak Pressure Indicator to measure the applied maximum gas pressure of the diesel engine for every cylinder station with the indicator cock and the corresponding W1-1/6“ standard thread.

The device is particularly suitable for indicating tasks on diesel engines.

The MarPeak Digital version features a digital display and a venting screw to release the pressure after the measurement. The measuring principle is the reception of the pressure through a valve with a specific opening pressure into the enclosed chamber of the measuring device. The display with pressure sensor determines and displays the gas pressure.

Additionally, the pressure indicated in the MarPeak Certificate delivered with the product has to be added to the particular pressure in order to determine the correct maximum pressure of the engine. After having taken the reading the measuring instrument will be de-compressed by releasing the pressure through a small hole in a Venting Screw.

Technical Details
Pmax yes
Pressure sensor range 0-250 [bar]
Error margin +/-0.5% to full scale output
2/4 Stroke yes
Speed range up to 2500 [rpm]
Ambient temperature 60°C
Weight incl. wooden box 5.110 kg
Net weight 2.350 kg
Dimensions 275 mm x 145 mm x 70 mm
Scope of supply

1 x MarPeak
1 x Wooden Box
1 x Knob
1 x MarPeak Measuring Log
1 x MarPeak Manual
1 x MarPeak Certificate

Download leaflet

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MarPeak Digital
MarPeak Digital
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