MarPrime Instruct was created for the MarPrime System, an all-in-one solution of cylinder pressure handheld devices. The additional new software optimizes the engine operation for low fuel and cylinder consumption and high engine reliability. Errors and saving potentials will be identified and analyzed and clear instructions for efficient usage will be shown to the operator – analyze, optimize and operate efficiently.

In combination with MarPrime Ultra, our new software MarPrime Instruct makes any further additional software dispensable. It determines the performance of your engine and provides comparisons with other parameters. A single unit, offering you full assessment of your engines in one hand, not just a cylinder pressure indicator: The MarPrime System. A complete tool to assist you while operating engines, fleets and power plants.

MarPrime System with MarPrime Instruct
The software MarPrime Instruct makes any other additional software expendable

MarPrime Instruct features

  • Input & evaluation mask
  • ISO correction
  • Engine performance field for propulsion engine
  • Engine layout diagram
  • Engine diagnosis with diesel expert system
  • optimizing tool
  • report system

Instructions: Get started right away

After using your MarPrime cylinder pressure indicator for measurement, upload the data file, record the additional parameters by hand as usual and enter them into the input mask. A review is carried out immediately and will be displayed in plain and simple data. A practical universal evaluation concept, implemented in software, coming directly from the operating ship: Learn more in this step-by-step introduction.

Use the input mask
  • Enter all parameters required in addition to the  usual cylinder pressure measurement
  • For a quick overview regarding the engine condition a traffic-light-system is implemented 
MarPrime Instruct input mask
Input mask and assessment.
Engine performance field
  • Measurements are displayed in the performance field of the engine
  • For the purpose of comparison the measurements are ISO corrected and displayed as reference to the shop test 
MarPrime Instruct Engine Performance Field
Check measurements and all parameters in the Engine Performance Field.
Engine layout presentation
  • Engine layout presents the measurements in connection with the state of the propulsion system/propeller curve for sea going vessels
MarPrime Instruct Engine Layout
View measurements in the Engine Layout and compare.
Machine diagnosis & recommendation
  • Evaluation and summary take place via an implemented expert system
  • Engine parameters are presented and evaluated in an alarm management system which links to recommended actions
  • Option to optimize parameters such as fuel consumption and cylinder oil consumption 
MarPrime Instruct Evaluation
Evaluation by expert system and reporting optionals.
Comparison function
  • The comparison function is capable of comparing several measurements with one another
  • Compare measurements of time, of different vessels or power plants
MarPrime Instruct Comparision
Compare measurements.
Easy-to-use report system
  • All data can be exchanged between the programs as file or PDF
  • Use your database just like any other business documents
  • Easy-to-use reporting application allows better communication between
    engine operator and manager of fleet or manager of energy efficiency
SEEMP – Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan
  • MarPrime Instruct supports improvement of the ship‘s efficiency, reporting and monitoring
  • It contributes to the SEEMP initiative for monitoring, implementing improvements and reporting of efficiency
  • The expert system gives improvement advises for engines and the propulsion system without additional expenses
Optional MSC cloud services
  • Optional cloud services can be used for maritime and power plant applications and data can be accessed web-based
  • The combination of this data with other products results in a logical extension to products
  • Examples for product extensions: Power Meter MarTorque or our noon-to-noon report with certified CO2 monitoring
  • Your benefit: Online access to your data from everywhere

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