How to use

Short version of implementing cylinder pressure and ultra sonic sound measuremente.

Preparing the cylinder pressure measurement.

  • Check your environment condition (For seagoing vessel: No maneuver drive and constant power)
  • Clean the indicator ports, the thread and blow through just for protecting the sensor.

ATTENTION! Carry protection glasses and gloves!

  • Press button START more than 3 seconds
  • LED POWER is green, then the battery is okay
  • If LED POWER is blinking red, battery is empty and must be recharged.

If you have an ultra sonic sound sensor (MarPrime Ultra) place it on the cylinder head and connect the plug into the right socket at your MarPrime device. Please clean the metallic surface under the sensor of the cylinder head and use coupler agent (oil) for the measurement.

Start with the first cylinder of the engine.

  • Mount the cylinder pressure sensor on the indicator cock.
  • Open the indicator cock. Wait 30 seconds to heat up the sensor (only needed for the first cylinder).
  • Push the button START shortly. The measurement runs while LED POWER and LED CYCLE are green.
  • If LED CYCLE switches off, the measurement has been finished and all data was saved on the devices internal memory.
  • If LED STATUS is blinking red the measurement failed and you should repeat your measurement for this cylinder.
  • Close the indicator cock and unmount the pressure sensor.
  • Repeat Step 1 to 6 for each cylinder.

Please note the scavenge air pressure from external display after the measurement for turbo charger engines. You need this value later in the MarPrime software.

Transfer the saved data from MarPrime device to the PC where the MarPrime Software was installed.
  • Start your PC and MarPrime software. (Make sure that the MarPrime software  is installed properly on your PC and your firewall fully accepts MarPrime communication through the whole network)
  • Connect your MarPrime device with the PC via network (LAN) or via USB (never use both at the same time!). Therefore please use one of the supplied cables.


  • Start the device and check if the software has recognized it. You will find in the upper right corner a green connection button which switches to green if the device successfully connected. Check the connection button and make sure that the device is stand by (LED POWER is green)
  • Press the first button in the icon row, Load Data from Device. This function opens the next figure, called SELECT ENGINE CONFIG. Choose the relevant one and press Proceed and the data transfer begins. You can import or edit Configurations by clicking Config. Edit in the menu bar. For more information please read the manual chapter 7.


  • The next dialog shows all measurement files with file size and scavenge air pressure field. Here you have to insert the value you noted in step 7 before. A correct scavenge air pressure is essential for the measurement analysis.


  • Press the button Load Files. The dialog closes and the main dialog shows the transfer and calculation status.


  • After the file transfer and calculations finished, you are encouraged to save the file and start analyzing your measurement.


Which is the latest MarPrime software version?

It is Version released on 2018-06-27.

What are the new features?


  • altered calculation for dynamical pressure determination
  • new values for mechanical efficiency (2-/4-stroke engines)

Minor bug fixes and improved usability

Is it possible to get the latest version on CD?

Yes, it's possible. But by sending via post the customer bears the costs for packaging, insurance, freight, as well as all additional costs.

Where can I find the password for the download area?

Please check the last page of the MarPrime manual. You will find it under the address.

Which operating systems are supported?

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Can I upgrade my MarPrime to MarPrime Ultra?

Yes, it is possible. The Software and the MarPrime device are prepared. You need to order only the Ultra Sonic Sensor and the cable from us.


Can I skip a cylinder in my measurement?

Yes. On the "Load Measfile from device" dialog you select the cylinder to be skipped and then push "Shift down" button. This moves all measurement files (starting with the selected one) one position down and leaves the skipped cylinder empty. For more information please read manual part 6.4.2

Can I measure a single cylinder?

Yes. Load your single measurement file like you would with a normal complete measurement. On the "Load Measfile from device" dialog you select the measurement file and then push "Shift down" button as long as your file has reached the correct cylinder position. For more information please read manual part 6.4.2

I measured the cylinders in the wrong sequence, what now?

You can interchange your measurement files very easy. On the "Load Measfile from device" dialog you select the cylinder to be interchanged and then push "Shift up" or "Shift down" button. "Shift down" moves all measurement files (starting with the selected one) one position down and leaves the selected cylinder empty. This you can correct with selecting this one and pushing "Remove file" button. "Shift up" interchanges the selected cylinder with the one above. For more information please read manual part 6.4.2


Can I replace the battery?

Newer MarPrime devices come with a replaceable battery. Due to transportation regulations it is possible that the battery has to be delivered outside the device. In this case it must be inserted into the device first.

Therefore please open the cover of the battery case at the rear side (side with the serial number) by loosen the screw. Connect the connector to the socket. Please pay attention to the right direction, the retaining clip have to be on the top side. Then place the battery in the battery case. To close the case set in the cover with the two noses first and then fix the cover by the screw.

In this way the battery can also be exchanged if necessary .

Am I allowed to remove cylinder pressue sensor cable?

No! If you remove it your guarantee is lost!

Software can't connect with device (symbol in the upper right corner in the software)

A1: Please make sure that your firewall has rules to fully accept MarPrime communication through the whole network.

A2: Switch off any other network adaptors but the one where your MarPrime device is connected to.

It takes a long time until the software connects with the device

A1: To speed up the connection time a little bit you can set up a fixed network address (IP-address) for your network adaptor.

A2: In Windows 7 it takes a while until the operating system establishes the connection, so you unfortunately have to wait for it.

I have multiple network adaptors. Will MarPrime software run?

With the latest update it does.

Can I use USB and network connector at the same time?

No. Reason: If you use the USB connector the handheld disables network access internally.