MarLiner: Inspecting without dismantling


Reduce your downtimes and unplanned repairs with MarLiner now, our new, quick and economical MARIDIS product for liner inspection that uses Big Data to analyze the condition of your cylinder liners.

No dismantling necessary: MarLiner allows you to take full control without any operational disruption.

MarLiner’s software for reading out data can be installed effortlessly. The device is inserted through the air slots of the liner and checks the surface in a previously unknown level of detail, giving you clear insights and immediately naming the solutions. MARIDIS costumers receive a complete inspection strategy that includes the overall status and a preview for the main engine. Planning security, cost reduction and improvements for every vessel are the results.

From 12,000 data points generated per liner, MarLiner designs a single practically usable report: Easily understandable results for immediate decision making.

If you have further questions concerning the update, please contact us directly by email. We are at your disposal.

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