MarNoon Voyage Report: Maximum optimization, minimized costs

MarNoon Voyage Report allows you to gather, transfer and analyze all relevant data of ship operations around the world. Obtain an efficient tool for the optimization of ship performance, support of itinerary planning and identification of possibilities to reduce fuel and costs.

Onboard, parameters of day-to-day operations of the ship are entered into the input screen of MarNoon. Based on this data the following parameters are calculated:

  • speed of the ship and slip
  • engine power and speed
  • absolute and specific fuel and lube oil consumption
  • energy efficiency operational indicator (EEOI)

The data is transferred from the ship to the Maritime Service Centre (MSC) of Maridis GmbH via email, where it will be edited for interpretation according to the customer request and made available for personnel onshore. Results can be downloaded as CSV file from the MSC for continuing internal evaluations. For the person in charge onboard a fast overview of the ship performance is provided. You may log into the Maritime Service Centre (MSC) at all times for an immediate performance survey of ships and fleet.

MarNoon provides you with the ideal prerequisites for optimal itinerary planning, identifying specific recommendations for protecting your valuable engines but also for identifying the potential for minimizing costs. The software can be expanded and customized by request.

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