MarPrime Instruct: Update is now available


A new update for our engine performance evaluation software MarPrime Instruct is available. This new version is called MarPrime Instruct 1.1.123. Above all, the software has been made more stable.

MarPrime Instruct: Analyze, optimize and operate efficiently. The new update is now available.

Smaller Bugs have been removed and the handling improved. The automatic reading process of the MAN-CoCoS data has been optimised. By using the CoCos reading function, incorrect entries are avoided and the efficiency is increased. Furthermore, we have updated the Data Export. Using the export function enables the simple and complete sending of all data by email. If you are a user of our Maritime Service Centre, all data will be uploaded to our online service and made available to you with many other features.

If you have further questions concerning the update, please contact us directly by email. We are at your disposal.

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