MarPrime Instruct: Optimized operation via new interface


Being part of the MarPrime System, assisting the operation of engines, fleets and power plants, MarPrime Instruct now has a newly created interface to the PMI system and works on every vessel worldwide.

MarPrime Instruct: Analyze, optimize and operate efficiently. Now working on every vessel worldwide.

From now on, this software can be installed easily and works directly on every vessel worldwide via the CoCoS system. This data import option can be used for all electronic controlled engines and results in two decisive advantages:

  1. Secure data import: The operation data from an exported CSV file will be imported automatically into the input mask of MarPrime Instruct to avoid manual readings, incorrect entries and additional measurements.

  2. Adjustment to your needs: Parameter names may differ between CoCos installations on different vessels. For this reason, these names were outsourced to an external file and can be adapted to the configuration without carrying out another MarPrime Instruct update.

MarPrime Instruct makes any other software expendable

MarPrime Instruct optimizes the engine operation for low fuel and cylinder consumption and high engine reliability by identifying and analyzing potentials as well as by giving clear instructions for efficient usage to the operator – analyze, optimize and operate efficiently. With our new interface innovation, the handling of MarPrime Instruct will be even easier.

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