MarPrime measurement of an original Diesel engine

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MarPrime: the measuring of a legend

In an unusual event on the occasion of the MARIDIS trade fair participation at SMM 2016, MarPrime system was tested with an original Diesel engine of the inventor Rudolf Diesel – 111 years old and running.

Rudolf Diesel developed and constructed the worldwide first Diesel engine. Under his guidance, 40 different Diesel engines were built: The 33rd of the DM 20 single cylinder engine series was presented at the SMM trade fair in Hamburg. MARIDIS used this opportunity for a full MarPrime measurement. The spectacular measuring procedure received a lot of attention by ship owners and potential customers. Even for Diesel specialists like the MARIDIS staff, this historic encounter was an amazing experience.

A sectional view of the original Diesel engine no. 33.

A sectional view of the original Diesel engine no. 33.

Measurement results for MarPrime users

All MarPrime users and Diesel enthusiasts may take a look at the results by downloading the MPD file: To check all measurement results just load the MPD file in your MarPrime software. After downloading, double-click the MPD file on your PC. If file connections are set up correctly to open the proper application, the MPD file will start.

In addition to the MPD file, the operational report and the MarPrime measurement report with full statistical data can be downloaded.

Download the MarPrime measurement report with full statistical data.(207.1 KiB) Download
Load the MPD file in your MarPrime software to check all measurement results by yourself.(11.9 KiB) Download
Download a report on the operation of the Diesel engine no. 33.(128.5 KiB) Download

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