MarPrime Plus, part of SusTunTech


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MarPrime Plus supports performance evaluation, helps to identify and solve deviations in fuel consumption.

MarPrime Plus highlights saving potentials and helps to reduce consumption: In addition, the deviations located highlight a need for maintenance and avoid engine failures that might have an impact on the economic operation of the ship.

SusTunTech improves sustainability and efficiency in tuna fishing vessels through technology. MarPrime Plus is now part of this project, supporting the performance evaluation of engines, helping to identify and solve deviations in fuel consumption, in close networking with Ratatosk 2.0 by Sintef and SmartMarineView by Marine Instruments.

In daily ship operations, there’s only little time for condition assessment and diagnosis: A common problem with marine engines. High efforts are necessary for maintenance and servicing. Also, measurements and observations are frequently misinterpreted. Many times, just the effects of disturbances get fixed, though their real reasons remain untouched. In consequence, poorly adjusted engines result in high fuel consumption and emissions.

This project’s concept solves these challenges through evaluation, collection and analysis of data: The results are displayed in a simple, secure manner following the traffic light system. Standardized engine analysis and evaluation give you a quick overview of the situation and allow the early detection of technical problems. Clearly structured charts for cylinder pressure, performance and engine layout clarify the situation immediately. MarPrime Plus shows potentials and risks, helps to reduce consumption.

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