New free service generates performance and monitoring reports

MARIDIS provides its customers with a broad range of products designed to diagnose the performance of ships and power plant engines. The Maritime Service Centre (MSC) contributes to an enhanced direct communication between user on site and controller. A new report service, as an integral part of the MSC, now generates performance and monitoring reports based on the measurements and readings of your vessels, including:

  • Vessel Performance Report
  • CO2 Monitoring Report
  • Fleet Performance Report
  • Engine Report

For this purpose, all measurements and readings need to be sent regularly to MARIDIS. The following generating and sending of reports then work automatically.

New Reports at Maritime Service Center

Report by email, generation free of charge

The report sending by email works for your favourite, coloured vessels that are included in the ship list of your personal MSC account. By changing the settings in your account at in the category "user profile", you may turn the automatical sending on or off. The generated reports of all vessels are also available at in the category "reports".

This new service is free of charge for all MSC members. MARIDIS will be more than happy about any comments or suggested improvements: Our intention is to support you in your work. As mentioned above, the following four reports will be part of this new offer:

Vessel Performance Report

This report is based on the daily voyage data gathered and calculated by the MarNoon software. The monthly/ yearly compiled report includes the vessel´s performance from port to port as well as an overview of the essential parameters for the main and auxiliary engines.

CO2 Monitoring Report

The EU-MRV regulation is a done deal and will start with the reporting on 1 January 2018. The practical and technical implementation is not completely determined by the EMSA / EU commission yet. MARIDIS is already calculating the CO2 emissions based on the MarNoon data. The algorithm is already reviewed by Lloyd's Register and finalized in the CO2 Monitoring Report. Still the MRV ready statement is pending.

The last step will be the data transfer to the EMSA / EU commission: The required interface description is currently not provided or determined by the EMSA. We intend to make the CO2 reporting as convenient and flexible as possible.

Fleet Performance Report

The Fleet Performance Report is based on the MarNoon data as well. All vessels participating in the MSC of MARIDIS are listed and compared by essential vessel operation parameters.

Engine Report

This report is based on the MarPrime measurements (cylinder indication) giving the superintendent a quick overview of the current condition of measured main or auxiliary engines.

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