New MarPrime Instruct key feature: CII calculation


MARIDIS released a significant update for MarPrime Instruct: New key feature of the software evaluating engine performance is the ability to calculate the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII).

Analyze, optimize and operate efficiently – now including new CII calculating key feature.

This MarPrime Instruct software update is completely free of charge and produces a comprehensive IMO report: All saving potentials are calculated accurately so that IMO limits are not exceeded. With this solution you also keep an eye on when the options of conventional technology may end. It also pays off in the process of purchasing ships - simply carry out the new check up and find out whether the purchase is worth it for you! The update includes the calculation of the CII snapshot, based on the current measurement, the identification of potential fuel savings to optimize the CII and a preview of the trend of the CII.

This new MarPrime Instruct CII software update is completely free of charge.

More about MarPrime Instruct with new CII calculation.

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