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The Shaft Power Measurement System takes the torsion measurement on the running propeller shaft with 4 sensors. In relation to the torsion forces on the propeller shaft and the shaft speed the Shaft Power Measurement System calculates the torque and the power output.

The system can be easily installed and calibrated by customer every time. All parts are pre-fabricated and ready for assembly. Besides the standard measurement of torque, power and revolution MarTorque is able to support programs for displaying the performance diagrams of propulsion plant under current operating conditions in order to optimize fuel oil consumption.

MarTorque features

  • Contact free signal transmission
  • Simple installation and start-up calibration
  • Continuous power monitoring at moderate cost
  • Simple user interface
  • Standard connection points for additional use
  • Basically maintenance free

How can I use this tool?
  • With the daily fixed fuel consumption and the knowledge about the load point optimize the main engine speed, cursing/endurance range, vessel speed and time. Based on the theoretical knowledge about the main engine performance field and the measured power optimize all these parameters for better communication with the bridge.
  • Monitoring the efficiency, safety and environmental parameters
  • Allways up-to-date performance diagrams of your propulsion plant
  • "Quick view” - diagnosis of the propulsion plant performance
  • Presenting performance optimisation potentials
  • Consultancy services for optimal propulsion plant operation

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