Maritime Service Centre (MSC) – overview
MSC – input on board
Data processing by Maridis
Tailored to your needs: trends, reports, alarm limits
MSC – input at power plant
MSC – trend charts, reports, alarm limits for power plant engines

Optimum performance through vivid visualization

The Maritime Service Center (MSC) visualizes performance, whenever and wherever you need it. All relevant measurement data for the diagnosis of your vessels‘ or power plants‘ engines is collected and displayed on your screen. The resulting reporting service goes directly to your head office, enabling timely decision-making. With MSC, analysis, visualization, evaluation, optimization, reporting and service come to you from a single source.

Monitoring your vessel and fleet, diesel engines and power plants.

Responsiveness requires an intuitive display

Via MSC, the performance status with all important details is accessible directly and intuitively to decision-makers: Are there any problems in the fleet? What are the key points for quick improvement? Pivotal facts can be grasped at a glance and a practical traffic light system allows you to make a fast, comprehensive assessment so that no time is lost.

Get a full fleet overview at a glance

All vessels of your fleet that participate in the MSC are displayed on your screen in the fleet overview. Important parameters that are relevant for the smooth, economical operation of the main engine are presented in a summary. The display includes the data of the last measurement, power and speed as well as all other parameters that are required for an immediate assessment of the condition.

Fleet overview: All important parameters are presented in a well-structured summary.

Performance dashboard for immediate improvement

Dashboard your performance: The basic performance map is crucial for work on board and for evaluating the engine’s condi­tion. Entries that used to be made by hand now are now digitally recorded and compared directly and efficiently on the performance dashboard. The contents shown include all essential parameters and diagrams are needed to assess and improve the performance.

Performance improvement results from in-depth knowledge of your engines‘ condition.

Check your priorities, measurement results, reports and more, resulting from MarPrime.

MarPrime Instruct inside

When using MarPrime Instruct, after the information obtained was uploaded and evaluated, the resulting condition is immediately displayed in a precise and easily understandable manner in characteristic diagrams, using reference lines with the current measuring points, giving you a clear indication of the best next steps. The desktop display with its widgets, which are easily recognizable thanks to the assigned detail buttons, facilitates the assessment and handling of your data.

Receive the evaluated MarPrime Instruct results in an easily comprehensible form.

Create extra dashboards per plus

With the practical MSC plus function, any number of additional dashboards can be created in order to be able to quickly and easily compare data of your fleets‘ vessels. This way, sister ships with identical engines can be compared immediately, when arranged on the screen: A helpful visualization that enables a fast and effective evaluation.

Maximum data security

Data transfer takes place in encrypted form and the data is stored in a MySQL database. After the data has been edited it will only be available for you and remain your property. The MSC can be accessed through a secured website or by directly linking the database to your own maintenance program: A secure connection for your optimum performance.

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