Maritime Service Centre (MSC) – overview
MSC – input on board
Data processing by Maridis
Tailored to your needs: trends, reports, alarm limits
MSC – input at power plant
MSC – trend charts, reports, alarm limits for power plant engines

Improved user & controller communication

Maridis provides you with a broad range of metrology products for diagnosing the performance of your ship or power plant engines. Measured data is edited according to your requirements and made available with the Maritime Service Centre (MSC). The MSC contributes to an enhanced direct communication between user on site and controller.

Monitoring your process, your vessel, your fleet, your power plants, and Diesel engines.

The generated measuring data and performance information by Maridis products are transferred easily and regularly by your personnel via e-mail from your ship or power plant to the Maritime Service Centre of Maridis GmbH. Data transfer takes place in encrypted form and the data is stored in a MySQL database. After the data has been edited it will only be available for you and remain your property.

The MSC can be accessed through a secured website or by directly linking the database to your own maintenance program. You gain a quick and comprehensive overview of the performance of your ships or power plants by a number of tables and trend charts regardless of your location. The data is visualized, reports are generated and alarm limits are set according to your needs. Furthermore, the MSC can be adapted to your customized requirements and additional features can be made available by request.

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