MarNoon's skills at a glance: Voyage reporting, MRV monitoring, complete control
MarNoon data input on board: Enter all parameters.
MarNoon input screen for performance, weather and cargo
MarNoon trend chart: a quick overview of the ship's full performance
Next step: Data processing by MARIDIS
Monitoring vessel and carbon dioxide emissions at the Maritime Service Centre (MSC)
Complete control and MRV readiness: Transparency, efficiency and MRV fulfillment

Time for action, time for MarNoon:
Voyage report & certified MRV solution

Our MarNoon software gathers all relevant data on ship operations anywhere in the world, providing immediate onboard analysis and online transfer capabilities to our Maritime Service Centre at MARIDIS. You obtain an efficient tool for optimizing ship performance, supporting itinerary planning and identifying possibilities for reducing fuel and costs.

With the new CO2 monitoring feature, whose approving is impending by Lloyd´s Register, you are MRV ready: MarNoon software provides a secure, practical and service-friendly solution for all affected MRV topics.

Get full data & MRV control around the clock

number 1Onboard, the parameters of the day-to-day operations of the ship are entered into the input screen of MarNoon:

  • Performance data of main and auxiliary engines
  • Weather, travel and navigation data
  • Cargo (load) and lay time

Based on entered data the following parameters are calculated:

  • Speed of the ship and slip
  • Engine power and speed
  • Absolute and specific fuel and lube oil consumption
  • Energy efficiency operational indicator (EEOI)
  • CO2 emission for the main engine and auxiliaries

A fast overview of the ship performance is provided onboard for the person in charge by means of corresponding trend charts.

number 2Data will be transferred via e-mail from the ship to the Maritime Service Centre (MSC) of Maridis GmbH, where it will be edited for interpretation due to customer request and made available for personnel onshore. The data can be downloaded as CSV file from the MSC for continuing internal evaluations.

number 3For a prompt survey of the performance of your ships and fleet you can log into the Maritime Service Centre easily.

Get MRV ready and obtain an efficient tool for optimization: MarNoon software provides you with the necessary data for optimal itinerary planning, indentifies areas of potential travel cost reduction and gives specific recommendations for engine protection. MarNoon can be expanded and customized by request.

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